We’ve been in business for 20 years providing quality flooring. Your home deserves an amazing look as well as protection and functionality. Hard flooring usually brings to mind an uncomfortable feel. We found the right combination of padding and coating to take away that problem. Our floors are not only soft to the touch for feet but also for your animal’s paws.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean

The special coating on our LVT and SPC flooring makes cleaning a breeze. All of our flooring options are water proof and stain proof. You can use your favorite cleaner and mop for almost any mess. This makes our flooring easier to clean than natural wood, tile, or carpeting. That covers messes from all sources, not just your pets.

Looking For Great Dog Proof Flooring?

Any animal lover knows that our furry friends can take a toll on traditional flooring. Whether its the scratches from their nails or if they just didn't get let outside in time, odds are, you're looking at us because you're tired of having ruined flooring. All of our floors are hard enough to resist scratches from their nails and since it's all closed cell materials, you can finally get the smell of those accidents out of your home.

What about Noise?

If you've ever walked on a Laminate floor, you know how noisy a bad floor can be. That noise is always caused by either the floor resonating as you walk across it (Wood), or its harsh surface refusing to dampen it (Tile). All of our floating floor options have a padding designed to reduce resonance and even our glue-down LVT provides minor cushioning underneath a vinyl coating. This special layering not only helps cushion dogs feet, as well as your own.

What about Cleaning?

The special vinyl coating on our flooring makes cleaning a breeze. The flooring is water proof and stain proof. You can even use your favorite solvent and mop for almost any mess. This makes our flooring easier to clean than natural wood flooring and carpeting. That covers messes from all sources too, not just your pets.

What Kind Of Designs Are Available?

We have a Wood, Stone, and Tile, with a variety of styles to choose from. We work several different distributors to bring you styles, even custom designs! For more information of the styling differences, you can find the Ranges Explained here from one of our manufacturers Karndean Flooring distribution website.

Lifetime warranty on almost every style!

If you ready to get started or have any questions about the installation, Contact Us online or call 713-728-7630.